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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Snow / ICE day card...

Good morning everyone!!!  Here is my Tuesday morning post....  This is my snow day card...  My Daughter always loves snow days off from school...  So that was my inspiration for this card..  I used  Have an ICE day from Scrapping with Lisa Designs.  I used my Pebbles pearlescent chalks on it to give it a shimmer frosty look. some snow flakes, washi tape and stacked letters to say snow days.  Please stop by Sunsational Stamps as well for more great stamps and craft needs.  Also stop by there YouTube channel for many more inspiring ideas.  Stop by Sunsational Stamps blog spot to see all the design team creativity.  Also stop by and visit the Sunsational Stamps Facebook page.  Thanks for stopping by my blog and Have a Sunsational day....


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Double sided Christmas card

Hi!!!  Everyone!!!!  Welcome to the Sunsational Stamps blog hop..  This is my double sided Christmas card...   I used 2 stamps from Scrapping with Lisa Designs.  I used Gingerbread Man 2 and Gingerbread Woman 2..  I used a z fold card and scored each side on a 1" from the fold that was already on the card.  Then I crease the seam that was already on the card to go the opposite direction...  Please follow along with the blogs below.  Join and Leave feed back for each of the ladys and have Sunsational fun....  Also you will see the digi stamp I am giving away to one lucky person!!!!    PLEASE CLICK ON THE ORANGE BOX NEXT TO THE "JOIN" BUTTON TO JOIN MY BLOG!!!   ORANGE BOX!!!!!!!  Also stop off at the Sunsational Stamps facebook page, There is also an amazing YouTube Channel  with many great territorials for you to view.  As always there are many more great stamps at Sunsational Stamps.   Be sure to stop off at Sunsational Stamps  blog spot for a lot more fun and Ideas.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

snow flake card

Hi everyone here is my Tuesday morning post.  This is a layered easel card.  I have chosen all my friends are flakes for this card from Sunsational Stamps.  Please stop by Scrapping with Lisa Design  for even more wonderful stamps.  Also stop off at there YouTube channel  for many exciting how to videos.  You can stop off at Sunsational Stamps blog page to see the work of all of there wonderful team members.  Don't forget to go to there Facebook page  to see all the up coming event and all the fun things the team is creating..  Have a Sunsational Day...  You can join my blog by clicking on the orange box next to the  join button.....

Thanks Myra

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

So disaster struck!!!!!  LOL...  This card fell off my feed so I am putting it back for everyone to see...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Elsa 3~D card

Good morning everyone!!!   Here is my Tuesday morning post...  This is a 3~D card..  I up-cycled a chip can to make it.  The 2 clouds are suspended with embroidery thread, and the crystals are suspended as well from the clouds with embroidery thread.  I used Sunsational Stamps Elsa image.  I have used card board for the base and the stand to hold up the card.  Pleas stop by Sunsational stamps blog spot for this and so many more great ideas.  You can also stop by the Sussational Stamps YouTube channel for a lot of great how to videos.  Also stop by the Sunsational  Stamps Facebook  to see what others are up to..  As always we would like to invite you to stop over to Scrapping with Lisa Designs for many more GREAT stamps...
Thanks for stopping by my blog and as always have a Sunsational day!!!!!!!!!!!